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Tree Removals

When it comes to taking trees down near valuable property, Arbor-Ops LLC has the skills and equipment to facilitate a safe, efficient operation at a reasonable price.  Tree work is a very dangerous occupation and undertaking.  We are fully insured for tree work.  That means, our general liability policy covers tree work operations and our employees are insured for workers compensation for tree work.  A landscape policy is much cheaper, but would not cover what we do.


-Low impact: You tell us how low.  We already conduct our operations with minimal disturbance to the work site by utilizing advanced climbing, rigging and equipment.  If required we can provide ground and structure protection.  When we say, “full clean up”, that means, “it will look nicer then when we started.”


-Remote site: Trees don’t always grow next to roads. From waterfronts and mountain sides, to that landscaped back yard that no heavy equipment is going to get near.  Arbor-Ops LLC has the climbing/rigging skills and specialized equipment to take a tree down almost anywhere.


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Safety, Property Protection, and Customer Satisfaction Are Our Number One Priority

About Arbor Ops

Steve Frazier started “playing” around trees and heavy equipment at the age of 14.  He spent that summer in the forests around Garnet Lake NY, waking up early, sweating all day, helping his grandfather (Opa) clear a lot out of a large white pine forest for the family camp.  It was not just the excitement of watching 100 foot pine trees slam into the earth, or how everything tasted so good from hunger, it was that physical and mental calm feeling one owned at the end of the day.  He was hooked. Steve has never lost that desire to play hard outside.

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When it comes to proper pruning, Arbor-Ops LLC has the knowledge and experience to facilitate the long term beauty, health and safety of your trees.  We promote the use of the ANSI A300 standards and best management practices in our pruning operations.  This standard provides industry accepted pruning methods.  A “qualified” arborist should be familiar with these standards.  Our love of trees really shines when we get to beautify a young tree with pruning.  Many trees would still be here today if someone had given them a little love a long time ago.


-Low impact: No spikes (or gaffs) are used when we prune.  Although sadly common, using spikes on a tree is not an industry accepted technique for an arborist to climb a tree to prune.  This should be a “sign” to a home owner when an individual is selling a “spiked” prune job, they might not be qualified for pruning.  The spikes damage the vascular tissue under the bark.  Besides unsightly, the wounds can eventually kill the tree.   Arbor-Ops LLC utilizes advanced “spike free” rope climbing techniques in order to access the canopy of a tree to be pruned.


-Variety of types: We offer it all forms of pruning, from big to little trees. Whether you want the crown cleaned, raised, thinned or more clearance here or there, we can do it.  Dead wood removal is not only beneficial for the long term health of a tree, it helps safe guard what’s below from random falling limbs.  Every prune job is different based on the trees’ current health and growth characteristics and the customer’s needs.  In many cases, the results of “properly pruned” tree would be to make the tree look nice and clean, like it grew that way.


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Removals and pruning are our specialty, but we can offer so much more:


 -Road, drive way, boundary vegetative clearance management.


-Lot improvement/selective clearing and management.


-Annual commercial, estate and residential pruning contracts.


-Stump grinding.


-Cabling/bracing and zip lines.


-Ski/snowboard trails and glades.

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